We came, we saw, we conquered!
Fired Up Fitness closed its doors October 2017
Thank you to our community for your constant love and support.
We had a blast! We’ll see ya around.

"This place is amazing! Never felt so comfortable in a class in my life!" -Brandi

I can't say how much I enjoy working out at Fired Up Fitness. The instructors are so welcoming and motivational!! I look forward to every workout I do here. Speaking of workouts, there are a TON to choose from!! From Flirty girl to Turbo kick and everything in between, you will never become bored. They do challenge groups and change things up to keep things interesting and keep you involved. It is just what I have needed to stay connected and on track with my fitness goals!!

Elizabeth S.

I love this gym! But, it's so much more than just a gym. It's a social life, a sisterhood and fun workout. From hip hop step, pound (rocking out drumming on the floor) to flirty girl (dancing) I've had a blast and am in great shape. The instructors are the best I've ever seen.

Amy H.

This place is great! The instructors are all excellent at making you feel comfortable while at the same time pushing you just enough to be your best! No matter what your level of fitness you will fit in here and be welcomed! The people and staff are friendly and encouraging no matter what your size. I was a little intimidated to get started because I'm out of shape and bigger. I went and left totally inspired to come back and try other classes and they've all been great.

Cathy C.

The instructors are all FUN and motivational. The classes offered are a wide variety, and creative, fun experiences each and every time I attend. There is no intimidation factor at Fired Up, AT ALL. They have online sign up for classes, and it is so convenient to plan out my workout week this way. If you live in the neighborhood, or at least in a nearby neighborhood, you cannot go wrong with this gym! Close, convenient and so much fun!!

Nicole L.

I have spent TONS of money on personal training, gyms and all women gyms... I couldn't ever find a place where I felt like I fit in, that is until I won a free month at Fired Up Fitness! I never tried group classes due to the thought of getting embarrassed. My first class was Pound with Casey, I left sweaty and smiling! I was hooked! I have now tried Flirty Girl, Turbo Kick, and Fierce Flex. All the instructors are energetic and motivating. There is no judging here. I am so lucky to have found this place where EVERYONE can fit in! Come get FIRED UP!

Amanda R.