What Type of Shoes Should I Workout In?

By September 5, 2015Fired Up Fit Tips

Shoes — what type of shoes should I work out in?

This is a question that comes up a lot and understandably so.

If you are doing Barbell,  Fierce Flex, or Bootcamp classes a regular pair of running shoes will suffice. Running shoes allow you to run, sprint, and have great support for lifting.

If you do programs like Turbo, Hip Hop Step, and Insanity, there are a lot of lateral movements and or jumps. A cross training shoe with zero grade is best. Cross trainers give more ankle support and a different cushion in the sole for absorbing the impact of jumping. Running shoes are not designed for that. Running shoes are designed to keep your foot and body in forward motion only.

I replace my RUNNING shoes every 6 months or so especially if I am putting lots of miles in them.

When your knees start to hurt, or you start getting hip pains or shin splints you’re overdue. If you are feeling sore or tender after class, in the knees or hips, evaluate your shoe choice.

Shop local. Get to know your running store staff. Establish relationships with them. The running community is great! Have them do a foot scan and properly fit you for your shoe. It’s so worth it and usually free for the fitting.

Special thank you to our guest blogger, Christy Kilgore. You’ll find “Kilgore” in motion teaching classes at Fired Up Fitness. She ROCKS. Find her on the schedule here.