What is Flirty Girl Fitness?

By May 3, 2017Classes

Flirty Girl is a dance based fitness class where you can let loose, shake your booty, and have a fun high energy cardio sesh.  The best thing about this class? No experience is necessary!

Have you ever experienced a Zumba class? Flirty Girl is similar in format with a lot less latin and a lot more of a hip-hop, pop, and tease.

“But I can’t dance!” This is what we typically hear when we suggest a Flirty Girl class. We get it. Your Flirty Girl instructor will break down the basics of every move. The class is easy to follow and the energy is contagious!

Flirty Girl Fitness is designed for all women by women. Regardless of size, age or fitness level, we have a class suitable for you. Bring a sweat towel, water, and good vibes. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

Unleash your inner diva in a Flirty Girl class at Fired Up Fitness! Visit our class schedule for more info: http://firedupfw.com/schedule

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