What is Barre Above?

By May 4, 2017Classes

Barre Above is a total-body conditioning class offered at Fired Up Fitness. It is the trifecta low impact workout that incorporates lower, upper, and core exercises with a focus on flexibility, balance, stability and strength. Barre is not a cardio-focused workout but can be depending on the instructor’s approach.

Fired Up Fitness Barre Above instructor Christy Kilgore says. “I like that Barre takes strength training and athleticism to a whole new level. The class is structured so that the first 20-25 minutes are spent on lower body movement, then the second half of the class we work with lighter weights on our upper body. As we transition into core work we start to incorporate more fitness toys, like the bender ball to better engage our abdominals for our core workout.

I still remember my first class a few years ago it was suggested to not use heavier than a 5lb weight for the upper body. I chuckled and then 5 minutes in quickly realized the error in my ways! Enduring 5-6 minutes in high reps and isometric programming, helps us target all the major upper body muscles. I promise you will feel the burn with those 3 lb weights!

While working on muscle endurance in the pulsing and high rep counts, my muscles start to develop obvious definition. I see clear lines and muscle flexing when doing the common everyday movements. When I pass by a full-length mirror, I can see my quadricep flex with each step. My booty is lifted. When I am blow drying my hair, I see clear bicep definition. When I am dusting around the house, I see my delts engaged in that activity. I haven’t seen this with any other kind of work out. I also start to consciously correct my posture throughout the day.

For a girl who typically gravitates towards HIIT workouts, where my focus is going hard, go heavy, Barre has forced me to slow down and REAP the benefits of slowing down and to enjoy a low-to-no impact trifecta body burn. With results, I have not honestly seen in any other workout. It has transformed my overall physique in a way that keeps me challenged and motivated to keep practicing my technique.”

If you’re wanting a work out that:

  • Is easy on the joints.
  • Helps to develop muscle definition without the use of heavy weights and equipment.
  • Help you improve your flexibility and stability,
  • Offer modifications for your fitness level and your age
  • Get a great workout head to toe in 45 minutes
  • Has a fun vibe. Great music.

Try Barre Above at Fired Up Fitness! 🙂