Aerial Yoga is Coming!

By July 26, 2017Classes, Studio News

If you’ve been following us at all, you already know that we’ve been doing some serious pushing to get Aerial Yoga up and running at FUF.  Well, guess what?  It’s happening!  The countdown is on!

Not sure if it is for you?  Well here’s a little more information about this awesome format to help you get your booty off the couch and into the air!

Q: What even IS aerial yoga?

A:  It’s basically yoga while sitting/laying/wrapped up in a silk hammock that is suspended from the ceiling.  It’s sometimes called anti-gravity yoga, too.

Q: Wait a minute, I’m in the AIR?! I don’t want to fall from the ceiling!

A:  Your body won’t be any further than 3 feet from the floor at any time.  So basically, you’re actually CLOSER to the ground then you would be if you sat on your dining room table.

Q: What’s the weight limit?

Do you weigh 1,000lbs? No? Then you’re good.

Q: Why can’t I just do normal yoga?

A: You totally can!  Both our grounded and our new aerial yoga classes have benefits and should be used TOGETHER for total body wellness.  However, for many people, yoga poses that are difficult on the ground are actually easier to do in the air.  Aerial yoga is also thought to be especially helpful for people who spend a lot of time sitting because it decompresses the spine and makes it much easier to strengthen and stretch the whole body.

Q: What if I’m not very good at this?

A: Then NOW is the perfect time to get in on this!  Think about it, it’s new to FUF and there are several of us who have never done this before!  We can all be beginners together! It is going to be so much fun!

Q: Is there anyone who shouldn’t do Aerial Yoga?

A: While we think the benefits can help anyone, it’s probably not the best idea to swing upside down if you have a history of experiencing vertigo; And as always, if you are pregnant you should discuss it with your doctor before coming to class.