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Group Fitness Etiquette

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I remember my first group fitness class vividly. After a few weeks stumbling around the weight machines at my gym, I eventually settled for the treadmill or stairs to nowhere. From the treadmills, I could see into the group fitness room where I would sit and stare.

Why would anyone want to workout and look at themselves in a ginormous mirror like that? I would be too afraid of stepping on someone or getting in the way! I avoided that group fitness room like the plague for months! Everyone in that room seemed to flow in rhythmic motion like they’d been practicing together for months. I could never have that kind of coordination! I had many doubts.

Eventually, a good-natured friend lured me into a class.  I remember standing in the back praying the instructor would ignore me and maybe I could find a way to slip out the side door in the middle of class and get back to my viewing station on the treadmill.

Something happened though and I slowly became HOOKED. The energy, variety of exercises, instructors, and music all became very addicting. I was no longer getting bored with my workouts and started really looking forward to them! What was happening to me??? I was becoming a group fitness groupie!

Things got weird. I began moving closer and closer to the front of the room until eventually, I was on the front row in every class I would attend. I became friends with all of my instructors and then I became an instructor! What was happening!?

After years of teaching in different big box gyms, I decided to open a fitness studio called Fired Up Fitness. At FUF we would focus solely on the group fitness aspect of gym life. The part that had the biggest impact on MY life!

I’ve learned a lot of do’s and don’t since my time watching on the sideline! I want to share my top tips for newbies, oldies, and everyone in between.

Here are my top ten group fitness etiquette tips!

  1. Don’t be late to class.

    I learned this pretty early on. I felt mortified walking into a class already in session. It’s a huge distraction! Of course, things happen and sometimes lateness happens. If you’re more than 5-10 minutes late you might consider waiting for the next class. If you’re notoriously late, it’s time to find new methods to help with timeliness. Missing the class warm up and stretch out are big no-nos you’ll want to avoid.  If you need to leave a class early simply let the instructor know before class begins that you’ll be slipping out a bit early. Most instructors will appreciate the heads up instead of assuming they did something to make you walk out.

  2. Gear up!

    You’ll want a sweat towel, water bottle, deodorant that works, and pants that pass the see-through test when you bend over in a forward fold. Those back row ladies get a FULL show sometimes! A supportive sports bra and good training shoe should also be on your list! Do your research, ask the other ladies in class for their recommendations and figure out the gear that works best for you. Check out a list of our favorites here.

  3. Don’t be rude.

    Have you been in a class where the instructor is trying to explain a move or exercise but the chatty Kathy’s of the group are talking up a storm? I’ve felt the frustration as an instructor trying to talk over people and as a participant wanting to hush the crowd so I could try to understand what was being explained. Talking during class is rude. Turn your phone off too. This is time to focus on YOU. If you’re checking your phone during every break are you really focused on your workout? Probably not. If you’re too busy to workout, need to take a phone call, or respond to texts excuse yourself from class to avoid distracting everyone else.

  4. Don’t be a stranger.

    One of the best things about group fitness is the GROUP! This is your opportunity to make amazing new friends. Pay attention to your body language, resting bitch face, and overall vibe. Are you approachable? Your body language introduces you before a word ever comes out of your mouth. Say hello, smile, and introduce yourself to someone you’ve never met. Group fitness becomes a lot of fun when you’re taking a class with friends. A simple “hello” is a fabulous place to start!

  5. Don’t skip the workout, modify the workout!

    We offer modifications in all of our classes. It helps to have a heads up when someone is struggling with an injury or other limitation. Before class begins, inform the instructor of any injuries or potential need for modifications.

  6.  Respect community space.

    Wipe down your equipment, clean up after yourself, and leave the space better than you found it. This seems like a no-brainer but reminders help. We get it.

  7. You don’t own that spot.

    We are creatures of habit and once you start attending a class consistently it’s easy to settle into the same spot. It’s like a punch to the gut when you show up and find someone else is in “your spot.” What to do!? Don’t panic. You don’t own that spot. As much as we might joke and claim dibs I’ve seen many feelings get hurt over this issue. Don’t be afraid to move around, gain a fresh perspective in a different part of the room! The word might eventually get around to that newbie in class that she’s “in your spot” and she might take it seriously. She might never show up again in fear of taking someone’s spot. Women don’t want to offend other women. You can use things, like a water bottle, to hold your place but I would not get too huffy if you find someone has moved your things. No need to throw down. Get to class early and secure your spot by BEING in your spot. Just remember, you don’t own it. Share.

  8. Class is in session!

    If you’re waiting for your class to begin and there is another class in session try to be respectful. Let the class in progress exit the room before you enter. If it’s a calm low volume type of class try to keep your voice down if you’re waiting in the next room over. Have you ever been in Yoga during the final savasana only to have roaring laughter and chatter happening outside the door? Rude. Please be respectful for the class in session.

  9. Substitute Instructors

    Give sub instructors a chance! Just because your favorite instructor is sick and called in a sub does not give you a free pass to skip class. Get your workout in, try it with someone new, and step out of your comfort zone. We suggest giving any format and instructor three tries before deciding if you like it or not.

  10. Hoarders.

    If you’re taking an equipment based class, like Fierce Flex, don’t hoard all of the equipment. If you work out in a facility that has limited equipment try to share and take what’s only necessary. Be willing to share with those around you. When class is over and clean up is in session it’s always a nice gesture to grab a neighbors equipment and help them put their things away too. What goes around comes around. Get on the good karma gravy train!

Do you have more tips? Share them below!
We want to hear your do’s and don’ts!

What is Fierce Flex?

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It really is all about the ABS or then again maybe it’s all about the ASS? Either way, we’ve got your best assets covered in our Fierce Flex class.

This intense total body workout class focuses on foundational strength. Fierce Flex at Fired Up Fitness utilizes a variety of equipment to both keep the content fresh and to challenge its participants. No rhythm required.

If you’re wanting to burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get lean this is the class for you! We offer modifications for all fitness levels. Newbies welcome and beginners are encouraged. This class fills up quickly so sign up in advance.

Try a Fierce Flex class this week!

What is Barre Above?

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Barre Above is a total-body conditioning class offered at Fired Up Fitness. It is the trifecta low impact workout that incorporates lower, upper, and core exercises with a focus on flexibility, balance, stability and strength. Barre is not a cardio-focused workout but can be depending on the instructor’s approach.

Fired Up Fitness Barre Above instructor Christy Kilgore says. “I like that Barre takes strength training and athleticism to a whole new level. The class is structured so that the first 20-25 minutes are spent on lower body movement, then the second half of the class we work with lighter weights on our upper body. As we transition into core work we start to incorporate more fitness toys, like the bender ball to better engage our abdominals for our core workout.

I still remember my first class a few years ago it was suggested to not use heavier than a 5lb weight for the upper body. I chuckled and then 5 minutes in quickly realized the error in my ways! Enduring 5-6 minutes in high reps and isometric programming, helps us target all the major upper body muscles. I promise you will feel the burn with those 3 lb weights!

While working on muscle endurance in the pulsing and high rep counts, my muscles start to develop obvious definition. I see clear lines and muscle flexing when doing the common everyday movements. When I pass by a full-length mirror, I can see my quadricep flex with each step. My booty is lifted. When I am blow drying my hair, I see clear bicep definition. When I am dusting around the house, I see my delts engaged in that activity. I haven’t seen this with any other kind of work out. I also start to consciously correct my posture throughout the day.

For a girl who typically gravitates towards HIIT workouts, where my focus is going hard, go heavy, Barre has forced me to slow down and REAP the benefits of slowing down and to enjoy a low-to-no impact trifecta body burn. With results, I have not honestly seen in any other workout. It has transformed my overall physique in a way that keeps me challenged and motivated to keep practicing my technique.”

If you’re wanting a work out that:

  • Is easy on the joints.
  • Helps to develop muscle definition without the use of heavy weights and equipment.
  • Help you improve your flexibility and stability,
  • Offer modifications for your fitness level and your age
  • Get a great workout head to toe in 45 minutes
  • Has a fun vibe. Great music.

Try Barre Above at Fired Up Fitness! 🙂

What is Flirty Girl Fitness?

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Flirty Girl is a dance based fitness class where you can let loose, shake your booty, and have a fun high energy cardio sesh.  The best thing about this class? No experience is necessary!

Have you ever experienced a Zumba class? Flirty Girl is similar in format with a lot less latin and a lot more of a hip-hop, pop, and tease.

“But I can’t dance!” This is what we typically hear when we suggest a Flirty Girl class. We get it. Your Flirty Girl instructor will break down the basics of every move. The class is easy to follow and the energy is contagious!

Flirty Girl Fitness is designed for all women by women. Regardless of size, age or fitness level, we have a class suitable for you. Bring a sweat towel, water, and good vibes. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

Unleash your inner diva in a Flirty Girl class at Fired Up Fitness! Visit our class schedule for more info: http://firedupfw.com/schedule

Do you love Flirty Girl? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

When to Ditch Your Sports Bra

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Let’s just cut to the chase… let’s talk bras!
You know, over the shoulder boulder holders, double barrel holster holders, booby traps, or for you classy ladies, a brassiere? We all know the importance and necessity of them, especially when working out! I am not here to argue the pros and cons of underwire or racerback sports bras….I am here to get down to the nitty-gritty on the importance of sports bra hygiene.

Did you know that your sports bra should never celebrate a birthday??? GULP! Are you thinking to that bra drawer and trying to remember JUST how old that stash is? Depending on your activity level your sports bra should be replaced every 3-12 months or 100 wearings. Unfortunately, bras are not like a good pair of Levi’s where the more you wear them the better they look and feel! If you are not sure just how old your bra is or if you should replace it, give it the ole stretch test. Give the elastic a gentle tug, if you don’t feel any resistance it’s time to trash that ta-ta tamer. You can also compare it to a similar style and sized new bra. If the straps and/or bands are stretched larger than the new one, say bye-bye. Still not sure? Do a jog test in front of a mirror…how much give and jiggling you got going on? “When a sports bra loses its oomph, you risk developing motion-related sagging,” says LaJean Lawson, an exercise science researcher at Oregon State University, in Corvallis.

Uhhhh…no thank you!

Alright, so now we know if we need to hit up Target or Academy this weekend. Now let’s talk proper care of our sports bra. How often do you wash your sports bra or even your everyday bra?? Seems like a stupid question, but you never know!

Maybe you aren’t a big sweater so you don’t feel all that gross after class. Can you wear it again? The answer may surprise you…yes! You can actually “get away” with wearing your sports bra up to 3 times before washing it.

However, it’s not a great idea too much longer than that. “Our general rule is that the closer that something is to your body the more frequently you have to wash it,” says Mary Begovic Johnson, senior scientific communications manager at Procter & Gamble.

“Since bras are in intimate contact with your body we recommend washing bras after three wears at the most. And after each wear, if you’re perspiring heavily.” It should be mentioned that for those of us with larger chests and wear underwire bras, proper washing is even more important. The underwire has a higher chance of “contamination” of dirt and bacteria because of just how tightly it is pushed up against the fold of the breast.

If your bra is too old or not getting cleaned enough it can have some serious consequences besides just being saggy and nasty.  The bacteria can cause yeast infections, acne, rashes, and chafing. Any of those get raw and you end up with an open wound, you could be looking at an even more serious infection.

So now that I’ve scared you or grossed you out, here are some helpful tips for washing your sports bra, and gym clothes in general.

  1.     Don’t throw your bra on a pile of clothes or laundry basket after you take it off. This allows the bacteria and odors to develop quicker. If you cannot wash it immediately, hang it up to dry first and then put it the hamper.
  2.     Avoid fabric softeners. They can break down the stretchy material and therefore has a shorter shelf life. The can also create a barrier and lock in odors.
  3.    If your bra or gym clothes are especially funky you can soak them in a vinegar mixture for 15-30 minutes prior to washing.  You can also add some baking soda to your wash to help neutralize any odors.

So there you have it! Sports bras are crucial to getting active and getting the most out of your workout comfortably. Now we see just how important the age and proper care of the bra is. Spend some time going through that active wear drawer and chucking any bras that aren’t doing your girls any good. 

Maybe do an extra set of laundry with just your bras using some of the tips above and see if you can notice a difference!

Feel free to add any tips or suggestions that you have tried. Or maybe you know of a great sports bra…drop that name in the comment section. We support each other in class and with our nutrition, let’s help support our friend’s knockers as well! 

Check out a few of our staff favorites!

Did you get what you were looking for?

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We’ve all been there: standing with a glass of golden champagne in hand, its bubbles slithering to the surface as the clock above slowly approaches midnight– -almost the new year. There are probably some finger foods and leftover Christmas cookies when someone in the room asks, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?”

You pause and remember the resolution you had last year– -whatever it was– -and wonder why after a month or two, the resolution was a distant memory. You think about the New Year’s symbolism and what an opportunity it is to begin again! To finally lose that 15lbs. To finally pay off that pesky student loan. To call your mom every day. And yet, here you stand, with your fizzing glass and rainbow, sprinkled cookie and ask yourself, “Will this year finally be the year that I [insert resolution here]?”

The clock enters the last, few seconds of the year that you’ve been reminiscing about all night and together, the room counts down…”10…9…8…”

In the chaos, you ask yourself, “What should this year’s resolution be?”

The room continues, “7…6…5…”

You wonder what needs to change in your life. What has worked? What hasn’t? What’s stood in your way?


Oh gosh, we’re almost there and I still don’t know!

“2! 1!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

The confetti and balloons fall and as everyone around you celebrates, you stand in the center of the room, internally conflicted about what this new year will mean to you– -what will you improve? What have you been meaning to get around to but just haven’t had the opportunity (or the inspiration) to achieve? Why is everyone around me so happy and I’m nothing but confused and stressed and insecure and…


…That’s a lot of pressure for one night.

Here, at Fired Up Fitness, we have a solution for you: When it comes to your health and weight-loss goals, we want to help you focus on the consistency not the who-can- lose-the- most-the- fastest and you-have- to-be- a-certain- way approach. Indeed, New Year’s is a time when many of us want to take advantage of the new beginning to start better habits…and for some of us, that really works! Take FUF co-founder, Ember Nevill: her weight loss journey started in January 2008 with a goal to lose 20 lbs and here she is, years later, way beyond the level of health and fitness she ever set out to accomplish. Fired Up Fitness would certainly not be what it is today without her initial goal! But at the same time, many of the members that have been with this studio will tell you that their journey began simply by feeling welcome and supported by the folks at Fired Up Fit.

The point is, New Years can be a really great opportunity to begin again…or it could just be another day. You don’t need a resolution to set your goals, but do that if it’s what works for you.

Either way, our Fired Up community is here for you. To support you and encourage you all along your health and weight-loss journey, no matter what your individual inspiration is or where it originated.

So, Happy New Year but also, happy YOU! And if you’re not happy with YOU and are looking for somewhere to feel loved and supported, well, come see us. We got you. Resolution or not.

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee

Yoga & Donkey Enthusiast

Writer/Blogger at Self-Employed and works at Yoga Instructor at Fired Up Fitness and Volunteering at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

Best Workout for when You’re Short on Time

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I am a busy mom. A known multi-tasker. So, it’s only fitting that I gravitate towards workouts that maximize my calorie burn in a short amount of time. This is why I love HIIT — High Intensity Interval Training!

I can lift weights challenge my muscle endurance while also challenging my stability, Core strength and cardiovascular fitness! All in one work out!

When people come to my class, I want to make the most out of that experience. They carved out time to work out. They want to lose weight, feel stronger, get sweaty, and feel successful afterwards. I totally get it which is why I opt for the HIIT.

I also love that it allows for modifications if need be and still be effective.

Make the most out of your time in the gym, try a cardio/strength Tabata workout!

“An exercise plan that includes consistent high-intensity interval exercise has been shown to improve body composition, boost cardio-metabolic health, lessen the risk for heart disease, and help improve exercise tolerance, even in obese and overweight participants.” From hiitworkout.com

So, if you want to make the most out of your time in the gym, try a cardio/strength Tabata workout. You can do so much in a half hour and feel the post work out EPOC for the rest of the day. A reminder of a job well done!


Christy Kilgore

Christy Kilgore

Group Instructor & Personal Trainer

Kilgore is a Military Spouse; Mother of 2 boys; ACE Group Fitness Instructor, NCSF Personal Trainer; TRX Certified Trainer; Youth Running Club Coach, Elementary School Running Club Coach; Volunteer and Triathlete. ``Fitness is my passion and a huge part of our family's lifestyle. I firmly believe in being the role model your kids can follow. Fitness is our life and I love it!``

Last Chance! Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge

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The holidays are such a magical time!  With a little luck, it may even start to get chilly by Christmas here in Texas.  There is the hustle and bustle of family coming to town, shopping to be done, children to wrangle and meals to be planned. It is no wonder that it is so hard to maintain your fitness focus during these months!  

Luckily, we’ve got your back!  We are launching two rounds of a 10 day health and fitness bootcamp we like to call “Maintain Don’t Gain.”

Our Challengers will get 10 days of unlimited access to all classes INCLUDING the exclusive early morning and evening classes that are only available to our special group of maintainers!

We really want our participants to slay in this challenge and we all know that the best way to keep yourself on track is by staying accountable!  That’s why this challenge is even open to non-members!  So bring your friends and neighbors along for the ride and they will get all the same perks as the member participants!  It’s a great way to try out everything the studio has to offer!  As if that isn’t enough, each round of Maintain Don’t Gain ends with a party to celebrate your accomplishments!  Who doesn’t love a party?  Especially a party that highlights the last 10 days of hard work, dedication, and all around butt-kicking. It will definitely be something worth celebrating!

We only accept 10 people into each round so that we can give everyone our full attention and support.  That means these spots will go FAST!  So hurry and secure your spot.

Round one starts on November 7th, and round two begins December 5.
The cost for all 10 days is $75! Fired Up Fitness members, you can get in on this for only $50!

Don’t let all your hard work during the year be undone in these last two months! Stay on top of your game with the Maintain Don’t Gain 10 Day Challenge.

Our Babysitting Guidelines

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– We welcome electronics, but if your child is bringing one please bring headphones to go along with. We are happy to label them!

– Most kids can make it an hour without snacks, but if you need to bring food and/or drinks please put in a sealable or spill proof bag/container.

– If your child is sick or has had a fever in the last 24 hours, please do not bring to the studio. We would love more than anything to love on your sick child, but we don’t need infection spreading like wild fire taking us ALL out!

– As always, make sure you are signing up for classes and babysitting. If you have multiple kids you may sign up multiple times.

Thank you for helping us be able to continue to offer this service to you.

Read more and sign up for babysitting services here.

Kids Club Now Available During Evening Classes

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Need some motivation to get your sweat on? Would some drop-in, no-hassle, totally legit, affordable (and fun!) babysitting help? We are now offering EVENING babysitting services during class time!

The kids get to play, you get a break, and you get in shape — never has a situation been so win-win.

This service is for kids 6 weeks of age to 11 years and is available to members and nonmembers.

To be properly staffed please register each child for each class you'll be attending.

Pricing options: 

Add on for your Monthly Unlimited Membership:
1 Child $20/month | 2 or More Children $25/month

Drop In: $5/child
Babysitting Virtual Card: $30 for 10 punches ($3/child)

Babysitting Guidelines

Reservations are highly recommended. Please register EACH child for each class you plan to attend.

(Sign up for class under “Classes” on the drop down menu)



Per Month


Unlimited Group Fitness Classes Only

Drop in for only $15!